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 Customer Reviews 

Customer Reviews


"I just went here for my first time after moving into the area. I ordered an italian cold cut sub and the spiced fries. When I got there I noticed they had pizza by the slice so I grabbed a slice to see how their pizza is. The pizza had a great crust, and a flavorful sauce. I was very pleased. The spiced fries are awesome! I was a little worried the sub wouldn't live up to my expectations, but it did. I will be going back."


"I grew up on pizza from Sorrento of Arbutus. I moved away and relished every time I came back to town to visit family and go there for pizza. I am a huge pizza fan, so believe me I have tried many different varieties, but their pizza is by far the best I have tasted. Great hometown atmosphere and wonderful for families."


"Sorento Of Arbutus is a great family resturant with excellent food at reasonable prices. My family and i drive 45 minutes Just so we can have a relaxing, dinner together in this fine establishment.To those of you out there who have never been to Soento of Arbutus, you need to give it a try. I beleive you will like it also"


"Sorrento of Arbutus is a casual dining place that's a nice place to take the family. The pizza is good, and their menu offers plenty of alternatives. One might go there to order a foot long chili dog or perhaps a chicken cheesesteak sub instead of pizza, though the pizza is probably the best deal. It offers the best  pizza in town (probably the state) for only $8.00. If you looking for some tasty pizza or buffalo wings, Sorrento of Arbutus is a great choice."


"Sorrento of Arbutus! A friendly dining place to dine-in or carry-out. Great pizza and cheese steak subs!"


"Excellent food! Great Value! Outstanding customer service!!!"

"I have been doing business with this restaurant for 7 years or more. I have also been a customer and absolutely love the place. My kids love to play the arcade games and they make you feel very comfortable and at home. The food is hot when its supposed to be and cold and fresh when it is supposed to be. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area or someone out of town looking for a great place to eat."


"I have been eating Sorrento pizza since I was little, it was always a treat visiting my father on weekends. I love it so much, that they catered my wedding and I had pizza for the bride and grooms meal. They are the best!"


"Great food at great prices! Draft beer prices are exceptional!"


"This is a local favorite in Arbutus. They have the best pizza I have ever eaten. They also have excellent subs. You can call in your order. ( I would recommend this during lunch hours because they are so busy.) You can also place an order at the restaurant and can eat there."


"Great Family Place! As a UMBC graduate, I enjoyed evenings at Sorrento of Arbutus 18 years ago. Now it is one of the few places in the area that still caters to families."


"Sorrento of Arbutus is a great family style pizza place, the kids love it and its quick dinner out when life is to hectic to cook."


"Your staff was very accommodating and the food was excellent. We will have our draft there again next year for sure, and as long as it is possible. Thanks so much!"


"Crab pizza!!! The place is great, and the only place yet that puts crab on pizza and it actually tastes good.  Also, they have shrimp pizza too which is awesome and tastes great. Never had better pizza yet."


"Great family place: This is a family owned and operated place. The food is always good, and if by some chance you do find something wrong, they take care of it quickly. The pizza's good, the subs are stuffed and my husband likes the pasta. (he's not easy to please.)  My daughter has fun there, and so does my husband.  They love the arcade games!"


"Sorrento of Arbutus has wonderful food and great prices. I have never seen a restaurant that sold a large pizza for under 9 bucks. My family and my friends love to come here. The atmosphere is relaxing and everyone is very friendly. Even though there is often a rush, they make your food in a timely fashion. It is a great place to dine in or to grab food to carryout."


"The food is great, but the real reason to go is the SERVICE, it's the best. I go there all the time just for the great people"



"Great hometown place: The atmosphere is a hometown icon. I have been going there since I was a child. I highly Recommend Sorrento of Arbutus."



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Sorrento Cafe Now Open

5403 East Drive (Right next to Sorrentos)

-Fresh Baked Goods

June Specials

1 Large Cheese Pizza & 10 Mozzarella Sticks - $14.99

Pork BBQ Sandwich, 1/2 Pint of Coleslaw
& Small Soft Drink - $6.99

Large Cheese Pizza & 10 Buffalo Wings - $18.89

Large 1-Topping Pizza & Pitcher of Beer - $17.99
(Dine In Only - Excludes Shrimp, Crabmeat & Chicken Toppings)

Daily Lunch Special til 3:00 p.m.
1/2 Cheesesteak or 1/2 Chicken Cheesesteak, Fries &
Small Soft Drink - $8.99

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